— Step 1 —


Check out our upcoming online Paintclubs LIVE events!

Each event there is a different painting to create! Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

— Step 2 —


Book your tickets online!

We will be limiting the number of attendees for these online events, so don’t delay! Ticket sales will close at 24 hours in advance of the event to allow for all ticket holders to be ready to paint!

— Step 3 —


Put your Paintclub date in your diary!

We will email you an access link to the private group approx. 48 hours BEFORE the event. It is up to you to ensure you have access to this group.

— Step 4 —


Day of your Paintclub!

Make sure you have been granted access to the right group. Get your materials ready incl. paint, brushes, even the apron but maybe don’t wear your fanciest clothes as it is paint after all!

— Step 5 —


Get Ready to Paint!

Be set with your glass of whatever, paints, brushes, laptop/phone logged in to the appropriate group approx. 5 minutes before the advertised start time and get ready to Paint!

— Step 6 —



Our master artists will guide you from blank canvas to finished masterpiece over 2-2.5 hours LIVE. Our groups will stay active for up to 5 days after the LIVE event so you can rewatch the video, pause, rewind or maybe just give it another go!

— Step 7 —


Join in the Craic!

This is a community, chat to the instructor, they can see your messages! Chat to each other, the group is there for you during and AFTER the event, let us help make your masterpieces even better!

— Step 8 —


Ta-Dah! Finished Masterpiece!

Proudly show off YOUR Masterpiece! Revel in that artistic glory and don’t forget Rule #1 of Paintclub, tell everyone about Us! And #paintclub too, that would be really sound!

Sounds good? Ready? Book your tickets now!