Cruinniu na Nóg 2022 - 'My Superpower is....'
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Cruinniu na Nóg 2022 - 'My Superpower is....'

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Hosted By Aisling Kearney Burke


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Paintclub’s ‘My Superpower is……’ LIVE art workshop will take place as part of Cruinniu na Nóg's National Day of Creativity 3pm- 5.30pm on our facebook page.  Can't attend live? -Playback available for 30 days! Fabulous prizes to be won!

During the workshop, the children will play a fun discovery game to reveal what their superpowers are, from who they are, where they come from to that one special thing that makes them unique. 

Before being led step by step to create a masterpiece which shows to the world their superpowers. Time will be provided so that the children can colour and express themselves in their artwork. Any materials can be used, from paint to pastel, whatever is handy.

Booking required. Details of LIVESTREAM link and stencil will be provided after booking. 


  • 1.5 hour LIVE online workshop
  • Access to video replay for up to 1 month after the event.
  • easy to follow, step by step process
  • Stencil provided
  • Any materials you have at hand

      Meet your host

      Aisling Kearney Burke

      Our founder and CEO Aisling has a lifelong love affair with creating, painting and teaching. Leading with her heart, and driven by unending ambition she has grown Paintclub from a small, local event business to a company that delivers creativity to the world.

      A graduate of LSAD, Aisling’s approachable and talkative nature makes for relaxed, calming Paintclub sessions featuring any, and every, type of paint.


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